Dr. Sebi’s Cleanse. THE CONCLUSION..

There is going to be a time that comes when you will be compelled to act.  If you hold the same awareness as I did toward food (which was little to none), when this time comes you will be conscious of your decision to either obey your instincts or ignore them.

I grew up in Trini (Trinidad and Tobago).  Our national dish is crab, dumplings and callaloo.  Stewed chicken, beef, pork, macaroni pie, potato salad and rice was the highlight of every Sunday.  Roti with curried chicken or goat and potatoes.  These meals formed the staple of my diet while growing up in Trinidad.  Looking back, I can now make sense of my frequent abdominal cramping pains, sinus condition and severe hunger motivated mood swings (mostly anger), and other “personality traits”.

When was it exactly that I started to become aware?  I often ask myself.  I’m still not sure when but a vivid wake up call was when I started becoming very aware of a quarrel in my head.  I didn’t know why, but I had recently moved to the Midwest years ago and attributed this quarrel to some sort of residue of moving.  Years later and even after having surgery to have my appendix removed I never connected any of this to the food I was consuming.  Why should I, no one around me was having an issue with cheese, milk or eggs of some form.

Right around the time of my first post about Dr. Sebi’s cleanse there were two overwhelming feelings that drove me to obey my instinct.  Firstly, there was a heaviness that did not want to release me.  I felt physically heavy, slowed and tired for no reason, after all I was eating “great” meals.  Secondly, was a strong knowing that I can feel allot better and something different needed to be done.  The strength of these feelings drew knowledge to me from different directions.  Cleansing just made sense, it signified resetting or rebooting my system.

Just in itself, cleansing is a vast world of many ideologies and methods to doing it.  The only thing I knew is I wanted a total body cleanse.  In reading about the many methods to achieve this I experimented with a few home remedies for cleansing the major organs.  I learned about cleaning the organs and the sequence in which it should be done.  With some noticeable results I felt slightly better and kept experimenting.  My few episodes of experimenting with cleansing came with many dishes of stewed chicken, fried chicken, oxtails, roti, etc in between.  At some point between an oil and grapefruit bowel movement induction and a great plate of curried beef, I stumbled across Dr. Sebi and began to get familiar with his now very famous YouTube clips.  Anyone who has seen them has felt the impact of this wise man’s knowledge.

In summarizing my experience here, I think the most important thing Dr. Sebi has done is that he has ‘planted’ the importance of challenging the beaten path.  The components of his story are so compelling together with repeatable supporting evidence, the question is, why hasn’t his movie been made yet?  This challenge or question he imposed on the status quo is one of life or death.  In his challenge, he re-introduced the concept of the self healing body.  He re-introduced powerful herbs ‘naturally’ designed to help the body heal itself and maintain health.  He also identified foods that were beneficial and harmful to the body.  It resonated and made sense to me and so I began my cleansing journey with Dr. Sebi’s herbs.

If I can sum it up in one word it would be ‘militant’.  This IS how this will come across to you if you are coming off a ‘regular’ (meat or starch) diet and entering a cleanse with ONLY the foods on Dr. Sebi’s recommended list.  One of the big errors I made was tying to make ‘regular’ dishes from the Sebi list of foods.  I quickly became frustrated because as I have come to realize, there is just no comparing or trying to relate these two worlds of dish options available.  I think this is where most people buckle with diets of any sort.  Now that I have done the cleanse I think the best thing is to not compare at all.  Remove all expectation of having spelt flour ‘lasagna’ with shiitake mushroom ‘beef’ and Brazil nut ‘cheese’.  This just leads to major disappointment as it no way in hell tastes like lasagna, beef or cheese.

Another area of challenge that came with the cleanse and diet change was adjusting to just simply eating less, it’s a biatch to endure especially if you are coming from a diet high in sugar.  Most stomachs are (both visibly and invisibly) over extended due to overeating, this diet uses foods that are naturally far less starchy than other foods usually consumed.  As a result there is less waste that hangs around in our system.  At the same time, because you are consuming less, your body starts to ‘heal’ and expel toxins into the bloodstream creating some serious cravings.  Doing the diet this way, you will see your hunger beast.

A HUGE word to mention in all of this TRANSITION.  It is a word I have been unapologetic about and has gotten me in trouble with some groups on FB who would rather not have me share the complete anti-Sebi diet choices that I made during my cleanse.  It led me to start my own FB group so that these ‘uncensored’ episodes of my cleanse can be shared.  During my cleanse my cravings for Popeye’s fried chicken won and it has been the best box of chicken I’ve eaten to date.  I would strongly advise to give yourself the chance to be human and fall off the intended wagon.  Caving in at times allows more strength to be gathered to get back on and stay a little longer.  Without it, it can become fanatical and extreme as you deny yourself the ability to breath and ease yourself into a significant diet shift.

In conclusion, the manner in which I employed Dr. Sebi’s cleanse was abrupt and in retrospect could have had a gentler transition diet before starting the cleanse.  At the same time you can only prepare so much, at a certain point you just have to dive in and that can be immediately like I did. Today I do not practice a strict diet that consist only of the foods on the recommended list of Dr. Sebi.  I also have not performed this cleanse since.  Conversely, I have cut out all meat, eggs, milk, cheese and only occasionally eat fish.  I am not militant about these food choices either and can have a random piece of chicken once in a while.  I bought and read more books on natural healing, natural herbs, fasting and experiment with it.  I just came off my second thee day fast.  I started buying herbs in bulk, grinding, mixing and capsuling them.  I’ve used them in subsequent cleanses and fasts.  I think the biggest point to all of this is, this cleanse will shift something in your life if you go through it.  It will inspire something new and get new thoughts generated.  I do not know if I will  ever become the model of perfect Sebi practices, but know I have come out of the experience much better than I’ve gone in.

Thanks for all the support along the way!


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Long ass break!

It has now been six months.  Six months since my last post and six months after being on Dr. Sebi’s cleanse. Since then I have made many shifts into my current diet which I still approach very conscious minded but I do not follow completely the pre-prescribed path  of Dr.  Sebi.  My cleanse documented here is undoubtedly the pivotal point in my current eating habits

It is amazing but I still get requests to join the Facebook group (The impact of Dr. Sebi’s teachings.  A place to Share) and comments from people who stumble across my documented experience of being on Dr. Sebi’s small package cleanse.  I’ve been a terrible host, but the group still lives because of it’s very cool members who appreciate the road map of my experience and how it helps in their own journey.  I am truly happy that it seems to have helped a few people understand the cleanse, it’s impact and feel a little less lost in a wold that can be daunting as you redefine your eating habits.

Consider this the interlude to the next article where I will give a summary of my two week cleanse.  I will also talk about how my present diet is radically different from how it once was before the cleanse and at the same time very different from the diet Dr. Sebi has prescribed.

Thank you for all the great support! I am here to return the support and guidance to anyone who needs some prospective.  I know I would have appreciated it when I first started Dr. Sebi’s cleanse.

Moving On!

I am coming across something major in life.  “I am powerful beyond measure”.  The statement makes me think when written; who am I writing this for?  Is it the occasional reader who’s eyes makes it to the end of this post?  I post pretty sporadically, so I’m not sure who that appeals to.  But to you, who got this far reading this post, I like to think of us as the chosen few.

I am not saying that statement for you.  I’m sorry and understand if you cannot read on knowing this.  As much as I would, I cannot say that “I am powerful beyond measure” for you.  I am selfish with this statement.  It has me in a position of power.  I am seeing, now that I am at a turning point, how much I used to believe saying this was somehow arrogant or self-centered.  I don’t believe that now.  This is why.

It is all centered around me.  “Where I am is where it’s at” RN Marley.  This is the truth.  I believe it this way, it is the absolute truth.  My thoughts have created everything around me.  My desires are calling into existence this that I am thinking and writing this very moment.  I recognize my power of success and it is exactly my reality every day as I live a successful life.

These words are bold, they are full and they stir up something inside, it is the truth.  I am a wealthy and successful man and I live a life of prosperity.  I declare these words outwardly, loudly and truly because they are true and they stir up something inside.  They are my declaration.  I live the life I desire and my thoughts become real.  If you’ve gotten this far then you must be feeling something.  Probably contempt for such pompous statements.  That was me reading this not too long ago, but not now!  Now it’s true and I feel great about it, it feels like the most incredible feeling there is.  It feels like how it is meant to, how it should be and it is so.  I love my life, because it’s fantastic.

I am meeting incredible people every day, I’m attracting some of the most interesting and I am so grateful to have met them it really is a big part of my success.  These people all believe in me and love me.  They believed in my abilities, they believe in my ideas, they feel my success and intention to succeed and they have always trusted me as I do them.  My success would not be possible without them.

I am powerful beyond measure because of the things I just wrote.  The list is growing, I’ll post again, sooner this time.

Dr. Sebi’s cleanse (Day 14)

Two weeks in!

I’m always amused by the mental thoughts the mind generates.  I’m now officially two weeks into my cleanse.  I’m amused because my thoughts are like ‘wohoooo, yess’ in a natural celebratory mode.  At the same time I am counting the remaining pills in the compound bottles and calculating the time I have left on this cleanse.  By my count of the remaining Viento capsules, I have about twenty two left.  That gives me five more days dosage.

A brief summary of my thoughts of being on this cleanse now for two weeks.  In short, it’s been a positive and powerful action that I feel great results from.  If nothing else, it is such a loud and direct call to my consciousness to, learn and get a better grasp to this concept of eating healthily.  Eating electrically.

This being my first cleanse of this sort, I can say it is not going to be my last.  I call attention to this diet change as a new but ancient concept in eating.  It is clear to me, how truly fascinating all of the pieces are that contribute to a healthy life as explained by Dr. Sebi.  Identifying original and natural foods.  Understanding the role mucus plays in the body, how it is acquired and how to rid the body of it.  The significance of Ph balance in the body and identifying powerful compounds that remove dis-ease from the human body.  All of this has emerged from a simple prospective of eating to support my life and create a new and improved version of myself.  It had been been a powerful and empowering journey so far.

At this stage in my journey, I have mentally categorized all this knowledge of being on an electrical diet as more of a medicinal approach to battling dis-ease.  Medicinal, because I am just at a stage where I do not have the cooking skills needed to make more creative and delicious dishes out of the recommended food list ingredients.  Without the ability to cook creative dishes or source them without worry of deviation from the food list, the challenge to transitioning into this lifestyle is that much greater.  When I am able to command a few dishes, I am sure the medical tone of this diet will not be as pronounced.  At the same time it is far from impossible.  I’m reminding myself that it’s just one step at a time that’s needed to move forward.  Made it to day 14, from here, it’s only forward to go.



Dr. Sebi’s cleanse (Day 11)

Red wine.

It’s Thursday the 6th of September.  I had red wine today.  Nothing different about my morning  routine.  Bio Ferro, Chelation2 and Viento as my usual morning dose.  My overall feeling is great and I do know that this cleanse is a major contributor to my feeling in the present moment.

Even greater than this is my occasion for tipping back a glass of wine.  When I met my wife to celebrate our wedding anniversary later that evening, just seeing her was enough for me to remember why I was making such an effort for health.  This cleanse, the information I have acquired so far, the methods of applying healthier choices with food, diet and lifestyle; are all channels to deep-set, immovable happiness I am embracing from within.  Recognizing the significance of the people around me, the people I have a special love for; well I believe these special people and occasions deserve a toast of appreciation and gratefulness.  For me, it is all about strengthening the physical, mental and spiritual.  I see the herbs, food and manner in which Dr. Sebi professed their significance to all facets of life as the truth.

After my date, it’s later than usual by the time I take my PM dose of the cleanse.  I take 2 table spoons of Bio Ferro and 2 capsules of Chelation2.  Day 11 got allot of thanks and gratefulness as it came to a close.